Sniper Elite 4 Review

Sniper Elite is easily the biggest IP in the Rebellion Developments stable and in Sniper Elite 4 the franchise is showing that just like a fine wine it keeps getting better with age. Sniper Elite 4 is a sequel to Sniper Elite 3 and puts us back in the well-trodden


For Honor Review

I’ve gotta be honest here, my first hands at E3 in 2016 didn’t leave me overcome with joy. A medieval game where combat relies heavily on getting your stance right and timing your attacks just didn’t suit my gameplay style well. In fact during that hands on time and much


Horizon Zero Dawn Review

We’re giving away a copy of Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4, enter here To say that Horizon Zero Dawn is Guerrilla Games’ most anticipated game to-date would be an understatement. Having been in development since 2011 and always being worked on as a next-gen title (this was before PS4 was


Halo Wars 2

Chronologically, Halo Wars 2 takes place roughly three decades after Halo Wars and after the events in Halo 5, namely the defeat of the Covenant. In this latest installment within the Halo franchise you assume the primary role of Captain James Cutter and his warship, the Spirit of Fire. Essentially


Steep Review

In recent years the winter sports is one genre that has been lacking in the videogame world. When I think winter sports games mym mind always wanders back to the fun that was 1080 snowboarding on my N64 and in more recent times, SSX. Two games that managed to take

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