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Back in October at a little event, you might know it as Armageddon Auckland, a new Company was making its first appearance. Pro GC, Kiwi owned and operated out of Henderson came to play with the big boys, selling their easy on the eye and most importantly, comfortable Gaming Chairs. Four months on I braved the weather and went to the Kumeu Show and there was Pro GC with an unassuming stand still going strong, showcasing their fantastic range of Gaming Chairs.

I caught up with Tracy, co-owner of Pro GC who looks after the Sales and Marketing side of the business and it’s all go for the brand. Sales have been plugging away nicely and they have also handed out their first sponsorship to Twitch streamer PRAWLN. Interestingly since launch sales have been coming through not just from Gamers but also Business people who are looking for a comfortable chair from which to work and add a bit of razzle dazzle to their office. Gaming Chairs have risen sharpely in popularity over the past few years which isn’t any great surprise given that gaming sessions can go for hours upon hours and the unassuming chair we choose to sit in is an underrated part of any gaming setup. We’ve all been there before, getting into our games and then shifting position when the rump gets sore and numb from an uncomfortable seat or couch so the gaming chair provides the solution the problem and aims to deliver maximum comfort and good ergonomics during those marathon sessions.



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Whilst Pro GC's range is manufactured overseas, Pro GC are involved in the process from start to finish right from Henderson. Pro GC designs the chairs themselves and even choose the frame design including visit to the factory floor to ensure that the chairs meet their specifications and are completely fit for purpose. That attention to detail and being in charge of every aspect of the process means that all Pro GC chairs will meet the needs of Gamers and Professionals alike. Even the range is impressive, there is no one fits all chair, there are 5 models to choose from and each of them bring something different and cater to individual shape and preference. The load bearing capacity on the chairs is also greater than some other brands, capable of handling up to 150KG.

I had a good sit down in the chairs at the Kumeu Show and I can tell you first hand that all are incredibly comfortable and the colour range is bright and eye catching. My personal favourite was the Phoenix model that has extra panels to hug the flank. It is a nice snug fit that feels a lot like being in a racing seat, I was sitting their imagining how this chair could add to the immersion factor using VR to play the likes of Project CARS or Driveclub VR. Tracy informs me that all sales of the pink chairs have gone to females but I must say if I were buying one I may well be the first male purchaser of a Pink Chair. The pink is slightly different to the normal gaming chair and the lush black contrasting against the bright neon pink is genuinely eye-catching and would certainly be a talking point when someone checks out your gaming setup.

Price wise Pro GC are about mid-range between $419 - $489 depending on which model you buy. Though the price is mid-range there is nothing mid range about the chairs themselves, they exude premium quality and personify comfort. If you're looking for a Gaming Chair why not buck the trend and support a local business and throw some coin the way of Pro GC, trust me you won't be disappointed!

To purchase a Pro GC chair visit their website.

Written by: Ben Carmichael

Love Gaming and am a self-confessed Tech Geek. I created the site so I'm the guy you can either thank or abuse, either way I'm just happy to have some human interaction!

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  1. Tracy 1 year ago | Reply
    Thanks Ben ! was great to see you at the show, and glad you came on Saturday...Sunday was a deluge !

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