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More Worldwide Artists Added to Just Dance 2015

Ubisoft have announced that they have teamed up with Red Chillies Entertainment and Hungama Digital Media Entertainment to include India Waale, from the Bollywood film “Happy New Year,” in the new mobile game Just Dance Now. The song has been launched in-game in parallel with the film’s worldwide premiere and will

Three Major Victims of Hype

It seems to me that one of the biggest things current-gen gaming has contributed thus far to the gaming community is massive amounts of hype. Sure hype has been around since the dawn of video games, but it seems that every non-indie game produced is carrying with it unprecedented levels

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Pre-orders are now open in New Zealand for the amazing #galaxyS8
The changes are going on behind the scenes...
@PrettyMuchGeeks What indeed ;) It's gonna be a BIG change


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