Goodbye ThoseGamers, Hello Culture Jam

For the past couple of years we have been on a remarkable journey. ThoseGamers has gone from just covering Videogame news and reviews to getting the opportunity to cover the world of tech through Smartphone and PC reviews and then also getting into a bit of wrestling coverage AND being invited along to movie premieres.

It was clear that the site had evolved being just about ThoseGamers so we thought long and hard about how we could better reflect what we were about. That has lead us to making th ebiggest change the site has ever seen. A full rebrand, new name, new layout and a new domain! That new name is Culture Jam. Culture Jam is live right now and has a new layout that allows us to show you more content right from the homepage.

As of Monday 10 July 2017, ThoseGamers will be switched off and redirected to Culture Jam so rather than hanging around here, why not head on over and check out our new location!

Written by: Ben Carmichael

Love Gaming and am a self-confessed Tech Geek. I created the site so I'm the guy you can either thank or abuse, either way I'm just happy to have some human interaction!

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