Galaxy on Fire Alliances Plans to Support Klingon

Hamburg-based mobile games studio Deep Silver FISHLABS plans to add an exotic and rather uncommon in-game language to its mobile strategy MMO Galaxy on Fire – Alliances, namely Klingon. Following on the release of the extensive “Disrupting the Nebula“ update, the new localization shall put a stronger emphasis on the sci-fi heritage of the Galaxy on Fire franchise.

Since most localization agencies do not list Klingon translations among their services, Deep Silver FISHLABS turns to its community for help and asks its fans to localize the 16,000 words strong language file into the alien lingo created by American linguist Mark Okrand in 1984. The studio believes that this unique fan project will add tremendously to the authenticity and overall genuine feel of Galaxy on Fire – Alliances. So far, the app has been translated into a total of 14 differing languages, none of which are directly related to the sci-fi genre or used beyond the confines of our solar system.

“Our deep passion for the adventures of Star Fleet captains Kirk, Picard and Janeway goes back to the early days of our childhoods,“ says Kai Hitzer, Director of Marketing & PR at Deep Silver FISHLABS. “Adding Klingon in-game texts to our flagship title is our way of paying homage to the enormous influence that the related science fiction franchise had, and still has, on our lives. We are convinced that
our fans will cherish this effort and we are looking forward to a lot of invaluable input from the

Interested players fluent in Klingon can now sign up for the project via

Written by: Ben Carmichael

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