End of an Era, PS3 is Officially Discontinued

UPDATE Sony PlayStation New Zealand have confirmed they are discontinuing the PlayStation 3 for the local market, see full statement below.

Update Mighty Ape Games have subsequently removed the Facebook post (which is why it is no longer viewable on this article). It would appear that someone has let this slip before Sony was ready to publicly acknowledge the discontinuation.

Whenever a new console is released it signals a death sentence for its predecessor. With the PS4 approaching it’s 2nd birthday and showing no signs of sales slowing down it was inevitable that the PS3 would eventually be put to rest. What we didn’t know was when that would occur, today that all changed via a Facebook post from New Zealand’s leading online video game retailer, Mighty Ape games.

The remains of the PS3 Continuation Post

The remains of the PS3 Continuation Post, Should have Screenshotted and not embedded!

Sony have informed us that the PS3 is officially discontinued for NZ – the end of an era! What's your favourite PS3 memory?

Posted by Mighty Ape Games on Thursday, 1 October 2015

Online retailers, who are privy to receiving information before the public, have been caught out in the past for revealing information publicly before they should have and this would appear to another one of those leaks. The (now removed) post on Facebook stated that Sony had confirmed the PS3 had been discountinued in New Zealand. New Zealand is a relatively small market so it would seem strange that New Zealand would be the only country to have the PS3 discontinued, it is more likely that the discontinuation will start to filter around remaining PS3 regions.

PlayStation New Zealand have now confirmed that the PlayStation 3 has been discontinued for the local market. We received a statement direct from PlayStation New Zealand which stated “SCENZ will not be shipping anymore PlayStation 3 consoles to its retailers however the platform is still available in retail outlets throughout NZ and being supported with peripherals, great new releases and back catalogue software.”

Whilst this statement only covers the local market and no statement has been made from PlayStation US or Europe it would seem like the writing is on the wall and other regions are sure to follow. Discontinuing shipping means that once retailers exhaust their stock they will be unable to place any new orders. The result is that it may be some time yet before we no longer see a PS3 in retail outlets.

Having been originally released in 2006, the PS3 will not quite live long enough to celebrate its 10th birthday in store, although it will no doubt still receive plenty of play time from fans with some of the biggest games in Sony history appearing on PS4. Let’s not forget the now iconic franchise, Uncharted starring the heroic theif, Nathan Drake was born on the PS3.

With the end or an era now upon us the future will continue to burn brightly for Sony as the PlayStation 4 continues to dominate sales. All eyes will now be on Microsoft as the Xbox 360 can’t be far away from being pulled from the shelves as well.

What was your favourite memory from the PS3 era? Tell us below?

Written by: Ben Carmichael

Love Gaming and am a self-confessed Tech Geek. I created the site so I'm the guy you can either thank or abuse, either way I'm just happy to have some human interaction!

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  1. denny 3 years ago | Reply
    no proof whats so ever
  2. Pingback: Sony set to Discontinue the PS3 – Rumor | PLAYERESSENCE October 2, 2015

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  3. Swaglucifer 3 years ago | Reply
    This have been announced before tho. But i didnt know the new Zealand part.. Well the time come for anyone or anything r.i.p ps3 2006-2015/2016
  4. Shubhendu Singh 3 years ago | Reply
    It's time we move on. In the age of technology where 2Years feels 10, it's unnatural to see a machine being kept alive for more than 9Years. Also current gen has properly arrived starting this Holiday.
  5. zunyu 3 years ago | Reply
    Why the fuck u talk about xbox 360
  6. zunyu 3 years ago | Reply
    Sorry i mean why the fuck u don talk about xbox 360
    • Ben Carmichael 3 years ago | Reply
      That'd be because Microsoft has not announced anything regarding the future plans for the Xbox 360...
  7. zunyu 3 years ago | Reply
    What ever u did to ps3 we still have a lot best games
  8. WiiU-Dude 3 years ago | Reply
    The machine!! It's the greatest marvel ever!!! From day one you got a blu ray player - back 2006 this was too cool. My PS3 plays PS 1&2 games!! 3 extraordinary systems in one! Full card reader including compact cards! Rechargeable controllers out of the box!!! Wireless machine right out of the box - early 360s were not wireless!! It was a towering monster over them all. It may have took sometime for programmers to smooth out their games but they did - God of War 3 baby. It is still graphically amazing to me even today (so is 360 graphically). The PS3 is second to none on what it gave us from day one!! Yes they took backward compatibility away - mistake to me, but it was still dazzling and while the price was a little higher when you truly added up all they have you for that price tag it was worth it. I think Sony should have kept it going another year at minimum to make it to 10 years!!! This all coming from a Nintendo diehard folks. I know awesomeness when I see it. PS3 will never, ever be topped in terms of complete machine - if you have the backward compatible one as I do!
  9. DarthDiggler 3 years ago | Reply
    It's only October if they discontinue today that likely means that is their last manufacturing run for NZ. The supply will likely be available until 2016 which would be the 10th year for the PS3.
  10. ashleyhughes443 3 years ago | Reply
    Thanks for the article Ben. Just want to inform all folks who live outside US that PS3 is a great media Player. If you want to access Netflix and other streaming stations on your PS3 you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.
  11. Lock 1 year ago | Reply
    Thanks for the best 10 years ps3. Also, xbox360 doesn't anything special happening to it, so xbox 360 will soon follow the same fate of the ps3. btw I still have a ps3.
  12. Chris Burdick 1 year ago | Reply
    (scoffs) This is nothing but a ludicrous article, with no proof that PS3 is truly dead. Last time I checked, PS3 is alive and well, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. At the rate PS4 is going, it'll be dead long before we know it. Also, PS4 launched in 2013. It's 2017, which makes PS4 4 yrs old, yet it hasn't gotten ANY noteworthy games. More like easily forgettable run-of-the-mill GARBAGE, that nobody cares about.
    • Ben Carmichael 1 year ago | Reply
      Wow that was very funny. You must have been hiding under a rock and not heard of a brilliant game called Uncharted 4 or the likes of upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn or the new God of War.
      • Mike 1 year ago | Reply
        Uncharted 4 is absolute garbage a mountain climbing simulater lol.
        • Ben Carmichael 1 year ago | Reply
          So, Uncharted features a guy who is getting shot at and fending off enemies left right and centre while traversing mountains, you must be doing some pretty extreme mountain climbing if you consider this a simulator!
      • Chris Burdick 1 year ago | Reply
        I've seen the new God of War and I don't like that: ☑ 1: Santa Monica replaced Terrence Connor Carson with Douglas Christopher Judge, as the voice of Kratos. 👎 Everyone knows that Terrence Connor Carson nailed ALL of Kratos' characteristics and personality traits, since the first God of War. Douglas Christopher Judge makes Kratos sound far too calm and collected, which is unfitting of this iconic video game character. ☑ 2: This "God of War" looks more like an Open-World Elder Scrolls clone, with the God of War logo plastered onto the box. 👎 Everyone knows that God of War is a Hack 'n' Slash Action-Adventure franchise, with puzzles and platforming thrown in from time to time, to break up the monotonous repetition of mindlessly slaughtering Beasts, Creatures, Demigods, and Olympian Gods. God of War is not an RPG franchise. ☑ 3: Kratos is STILL alive! 👎 We all know that Kratos killed himself at the end of God of War 3. Plus, Lysandra and Calliope are dead and I don't think Kratos wants to be a father again. Not after what the Olympian Gods put him through. Plus, for all we know, this boy may not even be the biological son of Kratos. He could be an orphan. ☑ 4: God of War takes place in Greek Mythology, not Norse Mythology. 👎 Also, Kratos looks like Deimos without hair and only has a thick beard. ☑ 5: This "God of War" is likely going to have a father and son narrative or relationship, that feels fake, forced and tacked-on. 👎 Kratos didn't care for people. Except Last Spartan from God of War 2 and his wife Lysandra and his daughter Calliope or his brother Deimos. Kratos went to the ends of the world to find him after he found out from his mother that he's still alive. And Pandora from God of War 3. Also, Horizon Zero Dawn looks like a Third-Person Far Cry game set in a sci-fi universe with robots. Uncharted 4 is good, but not brilliant.

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