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Umbrella Corps Review

Every time someone complains about the excessive use of zombies in video games, television shows or film, I often brush them aside and put it down to favouritism or merely their own personal opinion. There might be someone who only enjoy RPGs, someone who only enjoys multiplayer shooters or perhaps someone who likes both. Plain and simple, everyone is different. In regard to this, over the last few years I’ve grown an interest in the post-apocalyptic genre whether it be through video games, television shows or film. Whilst others got bored with the concept of survivors banding together as the last hope for humanity, I saw it as a fascinating exploit into the human condition. When you strip away all the frivolous stuff like beauty products and technology, you get an interesting insight into what makes us human. Saying this, not all video games or films channeling the zombie or post-apocalyptic genre can make us think this way or pull our heart strings like The Last of Us did.

Resident Evil is a highly successful franchise spanning across multiple games and films over the decades. The basic concept over the Resident Evil series falls into the survival horror genre where a company known as Umbrella Corps has created a biological weapon known as the T-virus that led to the zombie outbreak. By now you might be connecting the Umbrella Corps company to the title of the game. You might be thinking that perhaps Umbrella Corps is a spin off that lets you play the game from the perspective of Umbrella Corps or that Umbrella Corps is making a comeback, I thought that too. Unfortunately, though, I’m here to tell you that we were wrong.

According to Umbrella Corps, the game is set two years after Resident Evil 6 and twelve years after the collapse of Umbrella Corps. In spite of this, Umbrella Corps left a lot of stuff behind that now has great value on the market and corporations are desperate and hungry enough to send mercenaries in and retrieve this information and weaponry etc.

A multiplayer shooter, Umbrella Corps is one of those games where you can sense the potential but know nothing good will ever come of it. In spite of giving it your all and pushing your way through the long wait time to find other players to play with online, Umbrella Corps doesn’t have the pizzazz to stand out from the crowd or keep its players coming back. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m a post-apocalyptic/zombie fan, but I really struggled to understand the real use of zombies in the game a part from getting in the way. With unclear objectives and dubious controls, my character would spend most of the time running in circles thanks to the tiny maps or constantly dying as I tried my utmost hardest to actually hit another player because they’d be on top of me before I knew it when I spawned again. If it wasn’t for the mechanics and controls, this ‘chaos’ might become more tactical and strategic like the game makes it out to be.

Though finding positives is few and far between, the various settings and environments scattered throughout the game are appealing to the eye even though the graphics may be questionable and more resemble an older generation console.

The Good

  • Settings and environments

The Bad

  • Long wait time for multiplayer
  • Questionable use of zombies
  • Unclear objectives and controls

Written by: Lauren Hutchinson

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