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Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4

Every now and again a game comes along that simply refuses to die. Street Fighter IV seems to be one of those games. Believe it or not Street Fighter IV is 6 years old, having originally released on console way back in 2009. Not content to leave it dormant for too long, Capcom made a few tweaks, added some additional characters and released the game again, 5 years on as, Ultra Street Fighter IV. With that coup d’etat in late 2014 that Sony had secured Street Fighter V as a PS4 console exclusive it was seemingly inevitable that there would be a Street Fighter game to get fans through to 2016. So what does one do to keep the fans happy? Bring Ultra Street Fighter IV to PS4 of course!

Anyone who has played Ultra Street Fighter IV on the last gen consoles will be right at home here. The port to PS4 is just that, a port. There are no major upgrades to the game other than using the power of the PS4 to display those vibrant graphics in 1080p Full HD at a silky smooth 60 frames per second.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Ryu

Ultra Street Fighter IV goes down the route of many other ports or re-masters by providing all of the content from last gen, including DLC, right from the get go. That means all game modes, characters, stages, costumes and every other little bit of DLC is all available straight from the initial load. If you’re someone like me who cringes at having to fork over hard earned $’s (even if it is just a couple of bucks) just to get some new costumes, then you’ll appreciate not that this content is free this time around.

In terms of gameplay and fight mechanics, nothing has changed from the last gen version. The PS4 version plays exactly the same which, in my book, is a good thing. I’m a big advocate of “if ain’t broke don’t fix it” so I’m really pleased that Capcom had the sense to leave well enough alone and keep a perfectly good fight engine the way it was. Ultra Street Fighter IV is fast paced, fighting action that manages to find that balance between being simple enough for button mashers to have fun, without sacrificing that underlying depth that rewards players who take the time to learn the intricacies of their character.

On that subject of Character depth, something I really enjoyed about the PS4 version is the additional of an Omega mode. It sounds fancy but in simple terms this just means that you can play as a slightly different version of your favourite character. This alternate “Omega” version of your Character has a set of new moves that changes the way the fight. Ken will be much more kick orientated, Cammie all of a sudden favours aerial attacks, that is just a small preview of what Omega does to a character and in my view it’s a welcome addition.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Ken

One of the things I loved about Ultra Street Fighter IV when it came out was the sheer amount of options and game modes available. Like I mentioned earlier the PS4 version is exactly the same as the last gen version so all of those game modes and options are here as well, in all of their glory. Competitive players get the benefit of additional options and an enhanced focus system. The Red focus is right there to help you take those huge shots from your opponent, the cheeky delayed wake up ability is available for use and of course the Double Ultra Combo is there in all its glory ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting victim or so-called “friend”. It is worth mentioning that the online play has not been without its hiccups since release but as updates have rolled out those glitches are becoming less frequent and the quality of online play has improved in the past couple of months.

For those of you out there that already own Ultra Street Fighter IV on last gen, in all honesty there probably isn’t much of a reason to go out and buy the game again. For those who don’t own the game on last gen though it is a completely different story, the game becomes a must buy. Every piece of content that was released on last gen consoles is available right off the bat as soon as you install the game onto your PS4. Street Fighter is an iconic fighting brand and Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 does nothing to hurt the brand image at all. With 1080p visuals at 60FPS, massive character lineup and an excellent range of game modes, Ultra Street Fighter IV is the perfect way to quench the thirst whilst eagerly awaiting Street Fighter V.

The Good

  • Visuals at 1080p, 60FPS
  • All Content from Last Gen Included
  • Anyone Can Get in There and Play from Beginner to Pro

The Bad

  • Has had its share of issues with Online Play

Written by: Ben Carmichael

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