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The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 3 “What We Deserve” Review

Things have come to an end as The Walking Dead: Michonne releases its final episode “What We Deserve”.

The title “What We Deserve” pays homage to various elements throughout the episode, the main one being Michonne’s guilt for leaving her daughters and having to deal with their unknown fate. In regard to my own position as a player, I certainly felt like I’d put myself in an inescapable position based off the decisions I’d made at the end of the last episode. Karma was sinking its way in and, like Michonne, our actions had their consequences.

Unfortunately, at the peak of an impending invasion, the story skipped back two weeks and we see Michonne back on the boat with the group of men we first saw at the start of episode one. After playing through the short conversation, it was easy to see that the conversation was merely a way of reminding you that these men were actually your friends and you would probably not like to see them caught in the crossfire. Fast forward to now and baddie Norma wants to trade your friends on the boat for her brother. It certainly felt like the stakes would have been higher had I spent more time with those characters and really got to know them instead of briefly seeing them again.

Michonne’s psychological state in regard to her daughters continued to throw in a loop hole. Initially the cutting between the past and the present that was drawn out of Michonne’s inability to move on was a fascinating addition to the story-line but by the end became increasingly predictable and a tad frustrating. Only after I viewed a recent Robert Kirkman (Creator of The Walking Dead) interview did I actually realize that Michonne and her husband were separated and hence why Michonne felt such guilt against her daughter’s because she had chosen work over family.

In spite of all this, Michonne still remains a beloved fan favourite of mine as I’m sure she does with many others too. Episode three may not have necessarily granted a rewarding ending (*cough* seeing Clementine again) but the three part miniseries held its own ground and has become a welcoming addition to my Telltale Games library.

The Good

  • Decision making consequences
  • The character Michonne

The Bad

  • Plot holes
  • Repetitive story line

Written by: Lauren Hutchinson

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  1. Jarrad 2 years ago | Reply
    Just finished Playing through this in the weekend gone. Awesome. A bit short. But overall a great experience. A must play for any one who has played TWD season one & two.

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