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The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 1 “In Too Deep” Review

In Telltale’s latest Walking Dead installment, we follow Michonne, a beloved fan favourite as she struggles emotionally and psychologically to deal with the deaths of her two daughters. As Michonne tries to cope and survive in the new world, she is constantly reminded of her daughters as their presence haunts her.

In spite of previous Walking Dead releases back in 2012 and 2013, The Walking Dead Michonne holds its own ground in a three part miniseries that’ll leave you wanting to come back for more. In unfamiliar territory, episode 1 titled ‘In Too Deep’ is set either on the water or around it, with new companions to meet and new characters neither Michonne nor the player know whether to trust.

As the episode progresses, the stakes soon begin to kick off and you’re left with the feeling that this episode is only just the calm before the storm. Without giving too much away, friends have gone missing and a new community is in town. Lead by a woman called Norma and her brother Randall, I’ll leave it to you to decide whose side they’re on.

Even from the opening credits, we are reminded of how much of a badass Michonne is. In true Walking Dead and Michonne fashion, an edgy comic-book design coats the screen in black and white with the addition of blood red tints. Samira Wiley kills it as Michonne by successfully balancing Michonne’s rocky emotional state with her fire, anger and willingness to survive. In spite of online debate around the story’s origin and character, I never once compared Telltale’s Michonne to the AMC show and instead saw them as two completely separate portrayals.

Telltale maintains the point and click combat and action sequences that they are known for. Some new additions include cutting to wide screen as the combat occurs, slow motion hits and combination hits.

At my initial glance, nothing dramatically defining happens in the episode in terms of decision making. A few times it was easy to think that your decision could make a difference, but at the end of the day you would most likely end up in the same place e.g. choosing to go up the ladder and to the roof or crawl through a smashed window.

Things are no doubt just kicking off for Telltale’s latest miniseries. I think, as much as we all hate waiting, the best part about a Telltale game is the anticipation created by waiting. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out on a date for the next episode!

The Good

  • Interesting characters
  • Potential to develop

The Bad

  • Lack of decision making
  • No real consequences for decisions made

Written by: Lauren Hutchinson

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