Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo

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Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo

Sebastien Loeb, he’s the man that has been Rallying’s most dominant force. Milestone Games, the developers who are quickly becoming the force behind. Put the two together and we get Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo, and everything points to a successful Rally game. Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo is not the greatest Rally game ever made but it is definitely a success that teems with potential should a sequel be made.

Like most modern games, Sebastien Loeb Rally has not been without its setbacks. The release date was pushed back and it’s obvious from the getgo that this one game that has benefited from the extra time in development. No doubt it could have been released earlier but that extra development time has been well used to put extra polish on the game and I’ll never berate a developer for using the extra time wisely.

One of the things I love about Rally games is that racing isn’t as linear as your stock standard race around a track game. When things go off road it presents w hole new series of challenges and in Sebastien Loeb Rally, Milestone have gone the extra mile (see what I did there) to capitalise on Loeb’s accomplished career to deliver a well presented variety of racing action into the living room. The action will take you from Rallying the streets, across gorgeous Alpine stages through to some breathtaking (and downright unnerving) edge of the cliff stages that closely resemble what we’ve seen in the WRC.


That brings me to my next point. This game isn’t officially licensed. That means that official WRC levels aren’t in game but like most unlicensed games, Milestone has done a good job putting together a series of events and stages that closely resemble their WRC real-life counterparts. They may not have the official titles but the seasoned Rally enthusiast will soon find themselves in familiar terrain here.

One of the modes I most love in game is the one that let’s the gamer re-live some of the highlights from Sebastien’s career, be it his debut through to the major career accomplishments, you get to take on the persona of Loeb and experience the highs of a master Rally driver that has conquered everything Rally could throw at him.

When it comes to car selection there a veritable plethora of cars await. Citroen plays a major part in the game, understandably, given that Loeb was driving them when he achieved much of his success. Beyond CItroan though, Peugeot, Ford, Subaru, Renault and Toyota all make appearances, including some of their most iconic cars from the 70’s all the way through to now.

The in game controls are solid. Playing with a Steering Wheel is going to deliver the best experience but playing with a standard controller is far from a terrible experience. You’ll want to tweak the controls slightly to suit your style but put the time in to tweak the sensitivity and the controller is going to get you around the track with no problem at all. The action is fast and furious no matter what stage you’re attacking so having the controller set up just the way you like it will pay massive dividends in the end.

There is so much to like about Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo, the impressive career mode, the additional modes like time trial, the variety of locales and range of cars. Even the brilliant stage sthat make an appearance, from the tight, windy stages through to the edge of the seat snowy stages. Unfortunately one area that lets the game down is in the visual department. They are OK but compared to some other racing games they are just average. To do with that there are a few frame rate issues that just take away from the overall experience.

Milestone have built a reputation for delivering some brilliant two wheeled games and have been involved in Rally games before so even for a small Italian Studio they have plenty of experience to draw on. There is no official license from WRC on offer here but Milestone have plenty of experience creating racing games without licence and they do it very well. The range of game modes and amount of cars on offer means there is plenty to keep Rally fans occupied however the frame rate issues and average graphics hold this one back from reaching it reaching its full potential.

The Good

  • Good Range of Game Modes
  • Loeb Experience is well put together
  • Good Variety of Cars

The Bad

  • Graphics are Average
  • Framerate Issues

Written by: Ben Carmichael

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