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King’s Quest Chapter 1

What do you get when you take the point and click genre but remove the point and click? The answer would be King’s Quest Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember.

Spanning 3 decades and 8 titles, King’s Quest is a game that has a lot of history. In fact, it almost seems like the series is timeless, creating something that pays homage to the past yet manages to bring something new that will appeal to both old and new alike. Those of us (yes I include myself in “those of us), who have played King’s Quest well before our children were born, will feel right at home in A Knight to Remember. For our offspring and anyone else who might be new to the historic franchise, everything you need to know about King’s Quest is played out in the first chapter, making it a great little introduction.


The story is pretty simple, King Graham is going to do what all old men feel the need to do, recounting tales from yesteryear to Gwendolyn, his enthusiastic Granddaughter. As the title of Chapter 1 suggests, this first tale will take us back through the events that made him a Knight.

When a Knight to Remember first starts we are thrown right into the thick of things, no cutscene to set things up just right into the game. This is a knod back the earlier games in the series but newcomers may find it a tad strange to be put straight in there without any idea of what they should be doing.

Once you get over the culture shock of no real introduction into the game, you’ll discover a story that is full of emotion and classic adventure style gameplay. As I mentioned at the start it feels like a point and click adventrure but without the point and click. This actually isn’t a bad thing though as it allows the game to stay true to its heritage. Working through some of the puzzles may be a wee bit of a challenge as first, without the introductions and tutorials so many games provide these days. They say that patience is a virtue and that rings true here. The learning curve isn’t particularly steep but the first 20 minutes or so will be spent learning how to play.

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As I played through King’s Quest one thing I really missed was something to remind me about my objectives. With no clear reminder of objectives it is possible to get a little lost at times. Interacting with objects is also a bit different to the norm as they do not light up like the great majority of games. You’ll have to be practically standing on top of the item in order to get it to reveal an icon. It kind of felt like some time was lost in the game trying to explore which items could be interacted with and it does disrupt the flow. Admittedly it’s not a huge disruption but having interactive items highlighted, would have helped the pacing ever so slightly.

An area where the game really shines is in the visual presentation. King’s Quest is portrayed in a wonderfully vivid cartoon world. The style works really well at bring the world to life. The visual presentation is well complimented by the audio in the game. Sound effects in the world are spot on and the voice acting, heading by Christopher Lloyd, is a joy to listen to.

In a day and age where remasters and remakes seem to pop up every second day, King’s Quest is a fantastic reboot to a franchise with plenty of history. This episodic adventure will continue in future chapters and A Knight to Remember does a good job of catering to old and new fans alike.

The Good

  • Beautiful Cartoon World
  • Excellent Voice Acting
  • Caters to Old and New alike

The Bad

  • Object Interaction Could do with Tweaking
  • Objectives not Shown in Game

Written by: Ben Carmichael

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