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Forza Motorsport 6

Forza Motorsport 6 - Cars revealed

For Petrol Heads in Australia & New Zealand, spring is a exciting time. The V8 Supercars Championship is in full swing and the event of the year, the Bathurst 1000 is right around the corner. For Petrol Heads that also own an Xbox One, it is a time that leads to double excitement as a new Forza game is released. This year the purists are appeased as Forza 6 Motorsport ditches the cross country racing action in favour of the heart pounding, adrenaline overload that is closed circuit Motorsport racing.

When Forza Horizon 2 was released it brought with it some amazing accomplishments, most of those centering around stunning visuals with dynamic weather that was like nothing else seen in a racing game. I was expecting big things from Forza Motorsport 6 and thankfully I was not disappointed.

Forza 6, with over 450 cars is easily the biggest game in Forza history. With so many cars on offer there really is something for everyone. From the classics of the 60’s and 70’s, the icons of the 80’s and 90’s right through to the high performance machines of today, the car selection is phenomenal. It doesn’t just stop and the street cars either, WRC, F1, Indy Car and even those beasts that are the V8 Supercars, all make an appearance. If you’re familiar with Forzavista from Forza 5 then you’ll be pleased to know that all the cars will be viewable in this mode.


You could have all the cars in the world but none of that would matter if there weren’t any killer race tracks to compete on. With 26 real life racing tracks, there is plenty of variety on offer. Fans from Down Under can take to Bathurst and test their mettle in a V8 Supercar. Indy Car fans can test their reflexes as they take on the iconic Indianapolis. That is just a couple of the classic tracks that also include the like of Daytona, Brands Hatch and Watkins Glen. This is Motorsport so some of the world’s best tracks are there to test your skill.

When it comes to getting out there on the tracks, Forza 6 is fantastic. Car handling is superb, something that has always been a highlight in Forza but it seems to have been tweaked even more to create what feels like the most realistic car simulation experience in a Forza game. Normally I like to race from the close chase view so that I get a better view of the track but I tested out the in-car view in Forza 6 and I was hooked. Sure the field of vision was limited but given how well the car handled and how fantastic the visuals are it just felt right. Switching off all forms of traction control and opting for a manual transmission is always a challenge in a racing game but in Forza 6 it really improves the experience and gives a much greater sense of control over how the car handles and performs on track. Slide off track however and prepare to be punished.

If you want to experience in-car racing at its best then jump in an Indy Car and take on a race at Indianapolis. That for me, was the most nerve wracking racing experience I’ve encountered. The sheer feeling of speed and the realisation of how quickly everything appears was eye opening. My reflexes were tested from start to finish and one more than one occasion, I realised why I could never be an Indy Car driver.


If you want to experience as many different cars as possible, in a range of conditions, across all of the tracks then Career mode is the place to go. There are two sides to the career mode, Showcase Events and the regular career events. Showcase events are exactly as they sound, a Showcase (shock horror). Showcase Events are limited to select cars, a certain type of series or a specific era. It’s in the Showcase Events that things like endurance racing are featured, with the added benefit of not needing to buy the cars you are racing in; once they are unlocked, they are yours to race in.

The regular career mode is a staple of Forza Motorsport games and is pretty well put together. It is more structured than Forza 5, guiding you into races and series rather than providing a great deal of freedom to pick and choose. The biggest let down of the career mode is the requirement to finish in the Top 3 in order to progress further. This system seems incredibly antiquated by today’s standards and is something I really hope they ditch in Forza 7. Come on guys, surely it’s time to replace that Top 3 system with a typical leaderboard, after all, in real motorsport a Driver is not sent packing from the Championship if he doesn’t make it into the Top 3.

There is a mod system that debuts in Forza 6. The mod system will give players extra XP or boosts during races. Some of them are permanent, whole others are tied to specific tracks. It works quite well although it is easy to forget that the mods are available. Venture into the Multiplayer realm and all mods are removed for obvious reasons.

Speaking of Multiplayer, Forza 6 features both an online and a local split-screen multiplayer. With the game only being open to reviewers and those that purchased the super mega edition, there hasn’t been a huge chance to test the online play but so far it has been good, no real noticeable lag and the frame rate is pretty smooth. The test will come when the servers get smashed with players testing their pimped out rides so time will tell as to how good the online play really is.


At this stage you’re probably wondering why the visuals have barely been mentioned. Well, the reason being, I wanted to save the best till last. Make no mistake, Forza 6 is absolutely breathtaking! From the exceptionally well detailed car modelling and the attention to detail on the tracks, the presentation of the game is fantastic. Weather effects are freakishly good, with the only down side being that they are predetermined and not dynamic. Whilst dynamic weather would have been nice, the great majority of races are too short for dynamic weather to have really been any use.

What really struck me was the attention to detail on the weather side of things. Water splashing out from under tyres, dust and dirt on the windows, it really is something to behold. The weather isn’t just for show either, it really impacts on your racing. Get stuck out in the rain on a track that has copped a severe downpour and puddles will have formed on the track. If you’re daring enough to take on a puddle, or a like me and just didn’t see one until it’s too late then prepare to be punished as the car will react exactly as you’d you;d expect from a high performance vehicle doing insane speeds in the wet, all control will be lost and you’ll be reaching for the godsend that is the rewind button.

Boot up Forza 6 for the first time and it won’t be long before you realise the sheer scale of this game. With a solid selection of tracks and what seems like an endless amount of cars, this is by far the biggest and most ambitious Forza game created. Many a game would buckle under the weight of that scale and under deliver but not Forza 6. From the excellent controls, spot on handling, gorgeous visuals and weather effects that are stunning, Forza 6 barely puts a foot wrong. If you’re a Motorsport fan and have an Xbox One, then this is a no brainer, it’s the best Forza game ever made and a worthy addition to the collection.

The Good

  • Massive Amount of Cars to Choose From
  • Stunning Visuals
  • Amazing Weather Effects
  • Great Car Handling

The Bad

  • Top 3 Finish Requirement is Dated

Written by: Ben Carmichael

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