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Disney Infinity 3.0 Review

For the past 3 years Disney has been bringing toys to life with it’s annual Disney Infinity franchise. This years version, Disney Infinity 3.0, features the biggest drawcard yet with the Jedi and Sith from Star Wars taking center stage in 3.0. Disney Infinity 3.0 is definietly aimed squarely at the younger gamers out there but that being said, there is so much fun to be had, that I’d be surprised if Mum and Dad didn’t grab that controller and indulge in some light hearted video game fun too.

Disney Infinity has always been a game that has surprising depth and that trend continues in 3.0. The Twilight of the Republic themed campaign is just a taste of what is on offer with some new offerings available on the creation side of things, tweaks to playing online and new sidekicks all adding to the game, while the Toy box and hub remain the place to go to experience all that Infinity 3.0 has to offer.

The introduction to Disney Infinity 3.0 is a faced paced mesh up that gives us a taste of many different aspects that the game has to offer. Thrust into an introductory Twilight of the Republic storyline, you’ll take control of Anakin Skywalker, learn his basic moves, complete with lightsaber and force attacks. As the intro progresses we’re given a brief look at the Rise Against the Empire playset as we get a brief moment inside the Millenium Falcom taking on some TIE fighters. Another cut all of a sudden throws us into the world of Inside Out before ending the intro with Mickey & Minnie in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse countryside as they race Donald Duck.

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Once the intro is all wrapped up the game is handed over to the player to choose their own adventure from here on out. Players can either head back into the Twilight of the Republic campaign or get lost in the myriad of experiences and creations on offer in the Toy Box.

I’m a massive fan of Star Wars so naturally I dived straight back into the campaign. The Twilight of the Republic campaign takes places during Episodes 1 – 3 from Star Wars and despite my initial skepticism, manages to put together a fun and enjoyable story that even has a wee bit of exploration included for good measure. The skill tree is back and has been tweaked to give players more depth when improving the skills of their characters. For anyone new to Infinity, when you place a Toy down on the game base, that character will be transported into the game for you to control. The character starts off with a base level of stats but as you play the game and engage in combat XP will allow you to upgrade the skills of that character which are then memorised the next time you play as that person.

The lightsaber combat in game was much better than I expected and is very intuitive. After a few minutes you’ll be happily slicing through enemies, deflecting shots and using the force to repel them before engaging for another attack. The melee system as a whole is well built and allows for combos to be strung together easily. Melee combat isn’t the only thing the campaign has to offer though with platforming and puzzle solving elements only managing to sneak in. No matter which Planet you venture off to, rewards are there for those who take advantage of the teeny tiny bit of freedom offered to do some basic exploration. Though the campaign remains quite short, it is by far the most in depth campaign seen in an Infinity game. Maybe it was Star Wars that has brought the best out in the campaign mode but I certainly hope it continues beyond 3.0 and it is certainly an indication that the Episode 4 – 6 based Rise Against the Empire playset is going to be well worth the price of admission.

The campaign is just one small aspect of Infinity. The star of the show continues to be the brilliant toy box mode where countless hours can be spent as various Disney characters across a range of different modes where creation is at the very heart. Figuring out exactly what to do in the Toy Box hasn’t been that easy in the past but thanks to 3.0’s inclusion of the Toy Box hub, for the first time players are given a bit more guidance on how to get the best out of the Toy Box.


The Toy Box Hub is a large pre-themed area where players can get to grips with all the different modes of play available to them; the hub is like a mix between tutorial and game in its own right, except on a massive scale. Disney characters are on hand to provide some instructions on combat, driving, exploration and design, to name but a few. You can lose hours just exploring and participating in the games that are on offer in the hub. There is a racetrack for some kart inspired racing mayhem, a huge princess castle and even the ability to take on the wacky guys from Monsters Inc. in some killer paintball action. For those wanting to get a bit off the cuff then swap out a Star Wars character for someone like Mickey Mouse and equip him with a lightsaber and let him loose to destroy any object that gets in his way.

A new addition that works really well in Infinity 3.0 is the sidekick feature. The sidekick feature also compliments another new addition, the ability to farm. Games that have farming at the core bore me if I’m completely honest. I just don’t enjoy spending large amounts of time farming an area for rewards. Thankfully, Infinity 3.0’s sidekick feature let’s the sidekick do the farming. Sidekicks can fight alongside you in battle so sending them out to do some farming in order to boost their stats is like a cheat’s way to build up XP.

Creation is at the heart of Toy Boy mode and it is overflowing with choice. In some ways the only limit will be the imagination of the person playing. The Toy Box hub whilst not quite giving expert knowledge on the Toy Box, still provides a much better intro into the creation side of the game that hasn’t been seen in 1.0 or 2.0. Creation tools are aplenty and there are just so many different things that can be created from little mini games right through to large scale environments to explore and enjoy. Better still is the fact that characters from 1.0 and 2.0 can be used in 3.0. This means that those that have been playing over the last couple of years have an instant character collection beyond the 3.0 starter pack. Most 2.0 characters are on sale now at major retailers so it’s also a chance to buy extra characters at a bargain price.

For a kids game I am willing to bet that there are going to be a lot of adults, parents especially, indulging in Disney Infinity 3.0. Bringing the Star Wars theme into Disney Infinity is an inspired choice that has brought out the best in the franchise. The story mode is the best seen and the toy box hub compliments the toy box mode really well. Apart from the sound going a bit haywire later in the campaign, there is very little that Disney Infinity does wrong. If you are after some light hearted fun that will keep the whole family entertained then Disney Infinity 3.0 is hard to go past.

The Good

  • Fun for All Ages
  • Best Campaign in an Infinity Game
  • Toy Box Hub is a Welcome Addition
  • Creation Aplenty

The Bad

  • Couple of Sound Issues

Written by: Ben Carmichael

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