Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV Recap

For fans of Final Fantasy, Square Enix’s, Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event was a big deal. With promises of big announcements in the lead up to the event all eyes were on Sqaure Enix to deliver the goods as their announcements were well worth the wait, throwing out a few

Dovetail Games Flight School Launch Trailer Lands

Dovetail Games have released their launch trailer for their upcoming introduction to Flight Simulation game, Dovetail Games Flight School. The launch trailer which follows a budding young pilot trying to navigate out of a fierce storm gives us a brief taste of what’s to come in Flight School. Flight School

Smart Fitness means Fitbit

In this day and age it’s nigh on impossible to do fitness without some kind of “Smart” help. By smart help I mean help from a device, be it an app on your phone, a wearable or a combination of the two. There seems to be an endless amount of

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