We Talk E3 on GameCast

In our latest edition of GameCast, myself, Matt and Phid from HashTag Radio discuss everything that went down at E3. It’s a big show this week so grab some food, a drink and settle in as we tell you everything you need to know about what happened at E3.

PS4 Increases Storage to 1TB

Ever since I first got my PS4 one thing was clear, 500GB of storage is just a tad too small these days. When you consider that a AAA game can easily take up 30 – 40GB of storage, it really doesn’t take too long to fill a 500GB Hard Drive.

Batman Arkham Knight Available Now

With the ominous words “This is how it happened, this is how the Batman died.” Warner Bros and DC Entertainment today announced Batman: Arkham Knight, is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Batman: Arkham Knight raises the stakes for The Dark Knight like never before

{:en}Day 2 at E3{:}

{:en} After a busy first day at E3, Day 2 managed to be even busier with back to back appointments all day. There was very little time to come up for air but it meant that a lot was seen and some great gaming was done. When I jumped in

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