XO is now part of the Square Enix Collective

Among the latest projects to be featured on Collective, space-based RTS XO – from Jumpdrive Studios (based in Portland, Oregon, US) – challenges you to take control of a rag-tag fleet fleeing an overwhelming enemy in a procedurally-generated setting. Inspired by Battlestar Galactica and FTL among others, you’ll find out

Exanima launches on Steam Early Access

3D Isometric RPG, Exanima has launched on Steam Early Access. Explore, fight, survive and unravel mysteries in this unique and unforgiving RPG set in an original dark, low fantasy world. Exanima’s exceptional attention to detail and realistic simulation of all things aim to provide a deeply immersive and dynamic gameplay

Capcom Pro Tour Returns to EGX 2015

Gamer Network, the world’s leading network of independent video games websites and producer of the UK’s premiere video games events, prominent fighting video games publisher Capcom and veteran fighting tournament organisers Unequalled Media, today announced the Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) will return to EGX this September with the EGX Fight

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